Next.js 그거 어떻게 하는 건데.



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Why Next.js

  1. Image Optimization
  2. Zero Config
  3. Hybrid: SSG and SSR
  4. TypeScript Support
  5. File-system Routing
  6. API Routes
  7. Code-splitting and Bundling

내가 느꼈던 Next.js


30초 컷
vercel pricing

File System based Routing

주문하신 경로에 페이지 배달이 완료되었습니다.

API Routes



Client only SPAs (source:
Statically exported sites (source:
Static Generation (source:
Server-side Rendering (source:







a beginner, always.

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Woosik Kim

Woosik Kim

a beginner, always.

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